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We are Sonoma County's most experienced and friendliest laundry service! Our comprehensive services and competitive pricing make us the #1 Laundry Service in Sonoma County.


ProClean Services Inc.  is offering laundry and dry cleaning service, Our value priced service features outstanding customer service.
Our Wash and Fold services meet the needs of everyone, from singles on the go, to parents with children, seniors, to busy professionals.
Wash and Fold service fixed price $2.25 per lbs.
Shirt laundered and nicely pressed only $2.55 each.

Free laundry and dry cleaning pick up and drop off in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Cotati. Windsor and Petaluma.

Our service is easy, affordable, and convenient!

We are NOT a big chain of cleaners. We are a small, family owned cleaning service  that takes the time to do things right the first time. We value each and every customer and treat him or her the way we would want to be treated.



ProClean Services Inc. is  Sonoma County's #1 Laundry Delivery service. We offer free laundry delivery service for a set price of $2.25 per pound for residential and commercial customers.
NO minimum charge, Free pick up and delivery.
We also offer dry-cleaning services at great prices. You can call or schedule a pickup online and we’ll pick it up on the same day. You won’t find a laundry delivery service that’s better than that!

How Does It Work?

One of our drivers is in your neighborhood 5 times a week!  No more trips to and from the cleaners.  We provide personal laundry bags, which you can use for your laundry pick-ups, and a door hook to use for deliveries.  Just set your laundry on your front porch in the morning, and we take care of the rest.  Your laundry will return cleaned and pressed within 48 hours or by arrangement.
Take Driving to the Dry Cleaners off Your To-Do List Forever!


Our superior laundry service is available for Vacation rentals ,Hotels, Spas, Medical offices, Your laundry will be custom washed according to your preferences as well as professionally folded. All of our laundry is checked for quality assurance so that your business can maintain its high standards.
If you’re looking for a quality laundry service, call ProClean Services Inc.
Tel: 707-542-9900 and ask for Veronika

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Area Rug Cleaning Service ProClean Services Inc. also specializes in cleaning and caring for some of the most precious and valuable rugs in Sonoma County . Our professional staff will pick up and return your rug clean and fresh like the very first day you purchased it..

Area Rug Cleaning Services
We are a reputed company in the region, which provides area rug cleaning services of the highest quality. We have years of experience in the field. Our staff is extremely qualified, has the required knowledge and possesses the skills that are needed for the job.

Our Safe and Gentle Cleaning Process
We follow a very optimized process that provides the level of cleaning which you require and ensures that the quality is not spoil. Here are the main steps of our cleaning phase.

1. We thoroughly inspect your rug, and identify the stains.
2. We analyze if there are any cleaning risks involved, and if so, we take steps to minimize them.
3. We vacuum and shake your rug so that we can remove dust and other particles.
4. Your rug then undergoes a pre – treatment process which aims at removing heavy and deep stains.
5. This is a very advanced technique that provides your area rug with a thorough level of cleaning. We spray your rug with a solution containing mild detergent, and scrub the bristles gently so that dust and other soil particles can be removed. We then rinse your rug and set it out to dry. The outcome is a spotless rug that appears as good as new.
6. At this step, we conduct any extra treatments that you have availed such as moth treatment, odor treatment and extra protection.
7. We dry your rug hanging in a drying room.
8. We inspect your rug and examine the results again. Usually, there is no need for us to conduct the process again. However, if there are stains or any other thing that dissatisfies us, we repeat our Area rug cleaning process.

Cleaning your rug includes:
• Free Pick and Delivery
• Stain Removal
• Residue Removal
• Remove Pet Stains & Pet Odors
• Remove Musty Mildew Odors
• Fresh New Sent

Also Available:
• 3M Scotchgard Carpet Protector

Call (707) 542-9900 for a Free Estimate and to schedule a Free pick up.

You also may drop it it off at our store: 

955 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa

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Sneaker & Shoe  Dry Cleaning

Every closet needs a pair of fresh, new white sneakers to give off that cool, casual, carefree look. But too often people shy away from buying a pair of sneakers due to the major concerns with their cleaning. These include their inability to remove stains and dry the sneaker properly as well as to eliminate insole odour or rid gum stains on the outer sole.

So how do you keep your cool sneakers looking clean and fresh every day? That’s simple. You take them to ProClean Services to look after them. ProClean will pretreat for stains, place them on a special drying rack to ensure foam and other materials in the sneakers dry properly and finally, treat the sneaker with a water repellant for protection and a longer, lasting life.

ProClean Fresh  Deep Cleaning

Instead of buying new shoes, do you wish there was a way to clean and restore your favorite pairs back to life? Our specialty is the premium shoe care and deep cleaning of your favorite pairs of shoes. We pay strong attention to detail and provide a high-end service to get your shoes as close to brand new as possible. In addition to deep cleaning your midsole and upper, we can also clean your inner lining, laces and under soles as well.

Deodorize & Sanitize

Most shoe wearers forget about the bacteria and odor that builds up over time in our favorite pairs of shoes.  As easy as it is to deodorize it after every use, most people forget this important step of the shoe maintenance process. Sole Fresh offers our ability to sanitize and deodorize the inside of your shoes to keep your feet smelling fresh and bacteria free. 

Shoe Polish & Buff

As young professionals, we understand how important it is to look good in the office as well as in the streets.  We offer premium polish and buff materials to get your leather shoes looking interview ready.  Each shoe is polished based on the pigment of your leather to ensure a premium polish and buff every time.

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